Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Blackfly Photo Gallery

A collection of photos from our friends and family who have visited Blackfly The Restaurant in St. Augustine Florida. If you're here fishing in St. Augustine and you want a restaurant that speaks your language or you just love the outdoors, Blackfly The Restaurant is your kind of place. We serve Fresh local seafood and a good steak. Enjoy the photos and remember to bring your fishing photos with you to put up on our Hall of Fame board.
Oh have to be wearing some Blackfly item to qualify for our Hall of Fame.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Dining Room

The Anglers Bar

Chicken Souse

Lobster & Truffle Mac & Cheese

Crab Cake, Louis Sauce

Coconut Brownie

The Shores Bar

The Shores Bar

Lobster & Shrimp Pad Thai

Mixed Grill

Dining Room

Pork Shoulder

Salmon Appetizer

Tuna Entree

Tarpon Bright in the
Anglers Bar

Blue Marlin in the
Anglers Bar

Tuna Roulade

Blackfly Shop in the Foyer

Steak Arancini

Whole Snapper

Banana Rangoons

June's Bahamian Coconut Cake

Tarpon Explosion Series
in the Anglers Bar

Dining Room